Global Holiday Rental Management

At Binimarina, we want to be the only point of contact you need to find your perfect home

Binimarina's team is specialized in rents

From the assessment of your personal requirements and the initial search and shortlisting of properties to loan applications and refurbishment plans, we will be entirely at your disposal and take care of anything you need

Services to the owner

Update calendar: We are engaged in and share with the ownership a constantly updated timetable, which will elaborate on dates of stays and revenue

Customer reception: We conduct a personalized management of client's entrances and outlets, handing them the keys and recommendations of the area

Cleaning, laundry and maintenance: coordinate cleaning, laundry and maintenance equipment for garden and housing (property cost)

Review: We review the houses before entry and after the clients'departure, with the objective of identifying possible and/or robbery

Customer care

Guide to the area: We offer guests a guide to the area and recommendations of excursions, restaurants, beaches, and extras services that they may require

24/7: We are available to the guest 24 hours a day and are asking both details of the functioning of the House and information from the area or recommendations

Instructions for arrival: We provide the guests with instructions to get to promotion as well as transport possibilities

Extras services: We offer and seek services such as yacht rental, chefs at home, physiotherapists, home yoga class or any other service requested


More customers: there are countless websites and agencies, we know and select the most appropriate to reach potential qualified clients

24/7: We respond to requests and questions from potential clients 24 hours a day to get more bookings

Best reputation: Thanks to our personalized and professional treatment from the consultation and during your stay, we obtain excellent evaluations

Multilingual: We translate the ads and answer the requests in several languages, thus adapting to the target customers

» We work so that the positioning of our ads in the search results improve constantly, getting more queries

Online Marketing

Price strategy: through the correct pricing we will reach the target customers, which is the key to the success of occupation and maximization of profits

We will apply the best online positioning strategy to enhance and maximize the product's reach and thus increase the profitability of homes

Personalized strategy: we design and apply a specific strategy for this promotion, in order to reach the target customer that we want to attract

Website of the promotion: We create and position our own website of the promotion, specially designed for the holiday rental

» Our goal is to maximize the profitability of your property

Professional Photography


Professional photography is key for a successful commercialization process. We believe that it’s fundamental to expose the beauty of the architecture and character of each property and we think that it is an art to capture the essence of each luxurious home.

In the case of holiday rental, photographic reporting is essential for customers "to pay a photo as they are available, most of the time customers do not know the housing.

» We have only one occasion to give a first good impression: We sell images

contact your home

Our home are at your disposal seven days a week. If you have a question, or just want to meet us, contact us!


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